Lavender Bath Milk

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Our Bath Milk blends Lavender Essential Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and a mild body wash. A long fragrant soak before bed will help promote peaceful sleep.

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The benefits of a bath milk soak have been used for beauty purposes since the time of Cleopatra. our Lavender Bath Milk is a luxurious blend of Lavender Essential Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and a mild body wash. Shaken together they form a silky thick white cream. The body wash emulsifies the Almond oil, allowing it to spread evenly through the water making it silky soft and highly moisturising.

The natural properties in lavender are renowned for their ability to relieve stress & tension.  Lavender will also help to reduce inflammation of stiff and tired muscles, so indulge yourself, relax your mind, and moisturise your skin. Lie back and enjoy.

A long fragrant soak in the evening before bed, will help promote a peaceful night’s sleep.


Shake bottle well. Add 1 to 2 Tablespoons to your bath water. Mix well and enjoy.

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