Soap Bars 200gram – Muddy Creek Premium Body Care

Product Information:

All these soaps are natural, which means there are no nasty chemicals or additives that can either harm your skin or harm the environment. We’ll never go anywhere near things like Polypropylene Glycol or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

They’re also vegetable based, which means there are absolutely NO animal products (tallow) used in our soaps whatsoever and there never will be. That’s what we believe in.

The soaps go through a triple milling process, removing all impurities and allowing a consistency not found in many soaps on the market. The fragrance will go to the end, and the soap itself won’t mush in your hands or leave any scummy residue around your bath or shower.

Our all natural ingredients also mean that, unlike many other soaps, our soaps won’t mush in your hands or leave a scummy residue around your bath or shower.


Chemical Name Common Name
Sodium Palmate Palm Oil
Deionised water Water
Fragrance Fragrance as per type
Glycerine Glycerine
Sodium Chloride Salt
Tetrasodium (HEDP) EDTA
Titanium Dioxide White colouring agent

May also contain natural botanical’s. That is, plant leaf flakes etc.

Palm Oil information

At Muddy Creek the palm oil used in our soaps is Certified Sustainable by the Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The Round Table is the overseeing governing body for palm oil plantations. This organisation has 8 principles and 39 practical criteria which need to be met in order to receive the certification we receive. This criteria is in place to minimise the negative consequences associated with conventional palm oil production, such as cultivation of primary forests. This compliance with the Round Table ensures safe practices with regards to sustainability. Each time a delivery of the soap base is received, it comes with a certified declaration from the RSPO and full traceability. In short, you can feel assured that the ingredients used in our soaps, in relation to palm oil, are ethically sound and have the full backing from the RSPO.